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i no gooder news for you! [Aug. 17th, 2006|03:04 am]
Howard Community College


[music |Grand Alchemist - Psyche and a flower to the new lifetime]

Greetings from the future
my name is Saná (i spell it "Sana" whenever i forget the accent mark)

i'm a pretty lazy guy, and i hate arguing, i prefer the conversation ending at a difference, and if its of any importance than both sides research as many sides of the argument as possible, because most things in life i dont find worthy of arguing about...

i'm a music nerd, and i break down almost any song i hear into the different instruments, what they are doing, how it is assembled, and many other things. i listen to all Genres, but i prefer the more extreme ended metal styles (death, black, and all of their subgenres... especially the avant garde stuff)

i disslike history because you learn too many lies and 1 perspective stories from the winner, so i spend alot of my free time researching history thanks to people who think they know it all...

any oher useless information?
i'm lazy, i have long hair that can most commonly be seen braided, i dont like shaving my facial hair often, (it results in LOTS of ingrown hairs, and that results in LOTS of itchy) am obsessed with trench coats, and am often seen listening to music and walking around aimlessly, or in the couches near the starbucks... i also play many instruments, latest of which is the drums. Languages i'm attempting to learn several languages

if you want to learn anything else about me, look in my info and contact me...

[User Picture]From: ufo8mykat
2006-08-17 06:22 pm (UTC)
Welcome to it. :) What's your major?

Do you play instruments? If so, what? I play guitar, mostly sticking to In Flames, or Darkest Hour, if I feel like playing triplets until I die.

What languages do you plan to study?
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[User Picture]From: extramediums
2006-08-18 05:35 am (UTC)
Internet technologies web development

good bands:)

i play drums, bass guitar, guitar, and santoor(classical persian instrument) are the 4 latest instruments i've been playing, but i haven't kept up with my guitaring at all, and my bass playing has gotten a lot worse, i'm in a band now, and play drums in it, so i spend most of my free time practicing drums.

but the last full song i learned on guitar was Swim by in flames (you should be familiar with it, its on Clayman, with only for the weak)

and last full song on bass guitar was some song by Sean Malone (Bassist of Cynic, now solo artist)

i dont plan on schooling for any languages, i'll be learning english forever, same with Farsi, but for spare time i'm trying to learn Chinese, Czech, dutch, and Japanese... but in the end i just suck at communication, so no one would understand me in any language ^_^
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